Torsan entertained people during his election campaign
Feature Stories - October 3, 2019

Torsan entertained people during his election campaign

KABUL (Pajhwok): Presidential candidate Mohammad Hakim Torsan entertained people and made them laugh during his presidential campaign amid tense environment caused by insecurity incidents in the country.

Born in 1955, Torsan is graduated from Dari Literature faculty of Kabul University. From 1979 to 1992, he served in different government security and information institutions.

He contested presidential elections in 2010, but was unable to achieve enough votes. He again nominated himself for presidential elections in 2019, but this time his campaign style was different and cracked jokes that laughed people during interviews and media talk shows.

One of his two very famous sentences are: “Without speculations and doubt, I am the next president and the next thing is that I will do is not to hire President Ashraf Ghani and Chief Executive Officer Abdullah as the students of a Chinaki cook.”

Torsan is so confident to become the next president and during an interview he said that he will be the next president if there is no rigging in the election.

Torsan has become famous recently after people created social media accounts in his name and photoshoped his pictures for mocking and uploaded them to these accounts. Some of the fake Facebook accounts are following.

A fake facebook account in Torsan name shows Torsan is meeting with US Ambassador to Afghanistan John Bass in which the US envoy congratulates him on becoming the president of Afghanistan.

خلک: تورسن په خپلو کمپاينونو کې خندولي يو

Another fake facebook page published Torsan’s picture in which he transfers his home equipment to the Presidential Palace and the Sapedar Palace.

خلک: تورسن په خپلو کمپاينونو کې خندولي يو

The Awj News Network wrote that Torsan had asked his supporters to wait until the final result because he was the next president of Afghanistan — 100 percent.

خلک: تورسن په خپلو کمپاينونو کې خندولي يو

Another fake facebook page published a photo in which Torsan is meeting with First Vice President Gen. Dostum and offerrs him to become Kabul City mayor.

خلک: تورسن په خپلو کمپاينونو کې خندولي يو

Some social media users have printed Torsan’s photoes on Afghan and US currencies. A large numebr of people have congratulated Torsan on printing his photo on the currancy notes.

خلک: تورسن په خپلو کمپاينونو کې خندولي يو

Facebook page Pashtano Rawekh Shai wrote that Torsan met Indian Prime Minister Narenedra Modi who congratulated him on becoming Afghanistan president.

خلک: تورسن په خپلو کمپاينونو کې خندولي يو

In some cases, Torsan addresses the nation. At one occasion he asks people to conduct celebratory firing over his success in presidential polls.  Hundreds of other social media users have made similar posts, on which people have made their comments.

خلک: تورسن په خپلو کمپاينونو کې خندولي يو

For example, Khudaidad Noori, writes that Torsan will be eating Qabali all the day at the Presidential Palace and sleeping.

Esmatullah Sarwan wrote: “Mr. Torsan use force if you want to reach the Presidential Palace because no one will allow you easily.”

Majid Afghani wrote: “Mr. Torsan apply for imagination because there is no sin in this.”

However, some people spoke in defense of Torsan’s and said he made them laugh during election campaign.

Usman Khan, a resident of Nangarhar province, said he enjoyed Torsan’s election campaign and asked Facebook users not to insult him.  “Most people speak about Torsan on Facebook to get fame and this should not be done.”

Adnan, a resident of Kabul City, said recent posts regarding Torsan in social media entertained people. “Although people talks after Torsan for enjoyment but this is ultimately an insult to Torsan,” he said.

Presidential candidate Mohammad Hakim Torsan told Pajhwok Afghan News that the education level of the masses was low and it was not important for him what people say about him. He asked other candidates not to use his remarks to weaken their rivals but should dare and use their own words.

On September 28, people cast votes for 13 presidential candidates, including Torsan, and the primary results would be announced on October 19.

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