Photos of Princess Hindia voting are phony
False - October 2, 2019

Photos of Princess Hindia voting are phony

KABUL (Pajhwok): Images of King Amanullah Khan’s daughter Princess Hindia recently went viral on social media. But the photos showing her voting for different candidates are phony.

Princess Hindia is the daughter of King Amanullah, who had retaken the country’s independence from Britain in 1919. Hindia, 90, exercised her right to vote in Saturday’s presidential ballot.

Fake photos:

After she cast her ballot, several images appeared on social media, showing the princess voting for different candidates.

A Facebook page named “Shabhayee Kabul” (Kabul nights) carried a photo that shows Hindia voting for Dr. Abdullah.

تصاویر نشر شدۀ شاهدخت هندیه با ورق رای دهی تیک مارک شده، جعلی است

The post has been liked by 2,700 Facebook users, commented on by 429 and shared by 54. The Facebook users made different comments on the post.

Ahmad, a Facebook user, posted a photo of Princess Hindia voting for President Ghani. He wrote Hindia didn’t vote for Abdullah.

Gul Agha Zamir, another social media activist, published Hindia’s photograph, holding in her hand a ballot paper on which Ghani’s box has been tick-marked.

تصاویر نشر شدۀ شاهدخت هندیه با ورق رای دهی تیک مارک شده، جعلی است

Zamir wrote: “Princess Hindia, daughter of Ghazi Baba (Amanullah Khan), also voted for Ashraf Ghani. Well done. Hindia!”

Mohammad Wakeel Omari, another social media user, commented on Zamir’s post: “This is illogical; how she attached sticker to the voter card? Where does she live?”

Hindia’s image published on another fake account named “Raees Jamhoor Mohammad Hakim Torsan”.  The caption says she voted for Torsan.

تصاویر نشر شدۀ شاهدخت هندیه با ورق رای دهی تیک مارک شده، جعلی است

The fake account-holder wrote: “Princess Hindia has voted for the freedom of Afghanistan. Thank you, Princess!”

Haji Mohammad Ilyas commented on the phony post, “Only this woman voted for you.”

Other social media users also published photos of Princess Hindia voting in favour of Abdullah, Ghani and Torsan.

Correct information:

About her pictures, Hindia told Pajhwok Afghan News: “All my photos shared on social media are fake and forged.”

She said she had voted to a presidential hopeful of her choice at a polling station in Kabul. However, she would not name the candidate.

Hindia said: “Vote is a secret. I don’t want to say anything about the candidate I voted for. But I want to say I have voted for someone who is a real servant of the people.

“I went to a polling station and voted as an Afghan but don’t know the name of the centre where I cast my ballot. My servant took me to a polling site in Kabul.”

Zohra Yusuf, advisor to First Lady Rullah Ghani (Bibi Gul), told Pajhwok Princess Hindia cast her vote at a polling station in the Ministry of Women Affairs.

She claimed having Hindia’s photograph, in which the ballot was not tick-marked. However, she said she could not share the original photo with Pajhwok.

Zohra Yusuf shared a photo of Princess Hindia as she cast her vote into a ballot box.

تصاویر نشر شدۀ شاهدخت هندیه با ورق رای دهی تیک مارک شده، جعلی است

Fact-check result:

Pajhwok Afghan News investigate rumours about presidential candidates and places them in different categories — correct, less correct, half correct, less incorrect and incorrect.

Pajhwok’s assessment shows the photos of Princess Hindia are fake and forged. Supporters of candidates have forged the photos in their own interest.

Female voter photo on election day still mandatory: IEC

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