US diplomat’s Facebook response to Afghan journalist turns out fake
False - October 6, 2019

US diplomat’s Facebook response to Afghan journalist turns out fake

KABUL (Pajhwok): An American diplomat’s Facebook comment in respond to an Afghan journalist, in which he asks US president regarding recent Afghan election, is proved to be fake and falls under incorrect story.

Bashir Ahmad Qasani, a reporter with 1TV, has left a comment on US president Donald Trump’s Facebook post regarding corruption in his own country by asking him “What is your idea about Afghanistan election?”

But instead of US president, US Diplomat Nancy Parker William responded to Qasani’s question.

تويت ديپلمات امريکايى در پاسخ به تويت خبرنگار افغان جعلى است

She wrote: “What do you smoke man? What is it up to Trump or USA? I know you since I was working in US embassy at Kabul, you are the most hypocrite journalist I have ever seen. You are biased. You are fake. You messed up Afghan social networks. now you wanna do your shit here. Get the fuck outta here you made and psycho!!!”

The posts were later translated and circulated on social media networks “Election 98” Facebook page and shared.

This post got hundreds of likes, and dozens of users shared their comments and dispatched to their friends through social media networks.

تويت ديپلمات امريکايى در پاسخ به تويت خبرنگار افغان جعلى است

Qasani’s support

Some social media activists supported Qasani on his Facebook comment. “You did it intelligently Mr. Qasani! I support you. Nancy cannot be a judge for us. Whatever Qasani is, he is valuable to us. He is the son of this soil, we support him. Qasani is the only capable journalist and committed person to the national interest. No conspiracy could stop his struggles. He is among our successful journalists. Mr. Murtazavi don’t humiliate yourself more.

Qasani put the fact in comment. Sham on fraudulent people, including Mr. Potato — referring to Hussaini.”

Hameedullah, another twitter user on his page wrote: “Fake accounts cannot harm Qasani but his disclosures in the past 10 years can get him punished. This will take us to darkness if we start differentiating between right or wrong. I respect him.”

Some oppose Qasani’s question:

Some social media users showed opposition to Qasani’s question from US president and shared their views.

“What a nice response. Look at the ridiculous question. Unfortunately, I don’t see neutral, transparent and powerful media in Afghanistan. In fact, it is good that he has not been humiliated. The current world has full information from Afghanistan. Everything political, military and economical they know well, there is no need to intervene.”

Some Facebook users call Nancy’s response fake “Nancy’s comment is distorted, look at its first date published, it is posted one hour before Qasani’s comment. This may be a fake photo, this comment is not from Nancy and she never uses such language.”

Meanwhile, a Facebook user said, “I advise Facebook drivers at the Presidential Palace and the admin of ‘Election 98’ page that if you want to start rigging and psychological war, you should be very skillful because you cannot cheat people with childish activities.”

Qasani’s reaction:

After the post of Election 98, Bashir Ahmad Qasani posted a topic in his Facebook page in which he said, “The propaganda machine of defrauders under my comment in a post to Donald Trump have forged my words under a fake address of former US diplomat.”

“You look at the post, it is published an hour before my comment, the person who published the first post may not know what his or her post is taken for?” he said.

“It is regretful fake comments are published by Election 98 which is run by Shah Hussain Murtazavi, it means that defrauders fear irrelevant comments posted to US officials about election,” Qasani said.

On the other hand, Qasani said the US Embassy in Kabul should follow such forgeries as campaigning against fraud was ongoing.

In response to a question how he knew that Election 98 page was managed by Murtazavi, Qasani said, “When this page was newly created, Murtazavi send me a request to like it.” He said no such an account under the name of Nancy was existed.

However, Murtazavi rejected the claims of Qasani and said, “I have only one page, I have no other pages on Facebook, the claims made by Qasani are baseless and I reject them.”

About Qasani’s claim that Murtazavi sent him request to like the Election 98 page, he said, “I may have requested him and many other friends to like this page, but it does not mean that I manage the page.”

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