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Dostum’s arrest by Interpol in Turkey falsely rumored: Aide

KABUL (Pajhwok): Some social media users say the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) has arrested former vice president of Afghanistan, Abdul Rashid Dostum, in Turkey, but his office rejected the claims as false rumors.

Two years ago, Abdul Rashid Dostum went to Turkey after the political change in the country and he has since been living there.

Recently, some people on social media quoting “reliable sources” claimed Dostum has been arrested by Interpol in Turkey.

Without naming the sources, they said Dostum was arrested after complains were lodged against him with the International Criminal Court, accusing the warlord of embezzlement and crimes against humanity.

Some other sources also made similar statements.

Dostum is accused of war crimes.

An official of the Asia Pacific branch of Amnesty International said in Jully 2009: “There are facts that show in 2001, a large number of prisoners who were held captive by Dostum’s forces were killed and their bodies buried in Dash-i-Laili area.”

He said the Dasht-i-Laili massacre in 2001 and Dostum’s reactions needed urgent investigation.

But Dostum earlier had denied the charges.

Fact check:

Dostum’s spokesman Ehsan Niro told Pajhwok last night that claims about the arrest of Dostum in Turkey were untrue.

“These reports are not even one percent true and you know that for years different circles have been spreading false reports, so this news is not true, it is completely false and far from truth,” he added.

Outcome: Ehsan Niro spurns reports of Dostum’s arrest and no reliable source confirmed his arrest.

Verdict: Rumors regarding Dostum’s arrest by Interpol in Turkey are untrue.


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