False - July 5, 2021

US embassy rejects emergency evacuation plan

KABUL (Pajhwok): Reports that say US officials have stepped up work on a possible evacuation of the country’s embassy in Kabul due to fears of a deteriorating security situation in Afghanistan are incorrect.


Wall Street Journal on Saturday reported US officials had intensified planning for an emergency evacuation of the American embassy in Kabul amid concerns that a worsening security situation in Afghanistan could imperil the remaining military and diplomatic corps, as well as other Americans.

According to the report, the evacuation could involve not only hundreds of personnel at the US Embassy but thousands of other Americans in the country.

US officials have said that although details of the plan are classified and confidential; the US is deploying choppers and crew at Kabul Airport to use the equipment as part of an evacuation plan.

Local media outlets Hasht-e-Subh, Khama Press and Kabul News also published similar reports.

Fact Check:

The matter was shared with Afghanistan’s Foreign Affairs Ministry but no response was received,

However, US Embassy in Kabul rejected the report and said “US embassy in Kabul is open and will remain open.”

In a statement, the US embassy said: “The US Embassy in Kabul is open and will remain open.  As directed by President Biden, we will continue to have a robust diplomatic presence in Kabul to carry out the range of work we do with the government and people of Afghanistan.  We have no plans to close the Embassy.

The US Embassy in Kabul is constantly planning for contingencies and how to mitigate risks to our people and programs.  We are aware of security challenges to operating in Afghanistan, and we will adjust our presence as necessary to address these challenges.  We are confident that we can conduct our work in a safe manner to the benefit of Afghanistan and the bilateral relationship.”

This comes after the Taliban overran around 140 districts in the past two months and US forces on July 02 pulled out of its military epicenter of Bagram Airbase.

All foreign forces are expected to leave Afghanistan by September 11 this year, but according to reports some 600 US soldiers will stay in Kabul to ensure the security of its diplomatic mission, its citizens and some facilities.

Outcome: The US embassy has rejected some media reports that US officials have intensified planning for an emergency evacuation of the American embassy in Kabul amid concerns about a worsening security situation in Afghanistan

Verdict: False claim

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