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Untrue that Taliban impose curbs on women, organizations

KABUL (Pajhwok): Some sources claim the Taliban have restricted women’s movement and some organizations in areas under their control, but the Taliban and residents termed the claim as untrue.

 Claim: Taliban impose restrictions on women and some organizations in areas under their control

Fahim Fitrat, a social media user on his Facebook page wrote, the Taliban had warned shopkeepers in areas under their control not to sell commodities on women who are without male guardian from her family. He wrote: “The Taliban in the Aqcha district of Jawzjan province have stopped women movement without male guardian.”

This text is circulating in the social media.

A well-placed source in Kabul told Pajhwok Afghan News the Taliban had imposed these restrictions in the Dahna Ghori, Doshi and Tala Wa Barafak districts and they don’t allow women to go out of their homes without male guardian from her family.

In addition, a member of Youth Association from New Baghlan district said the Taliban have imposed restrictions in their district.

He added as a result of these limitations many families in the area have migrated to Pul-i-Khumri, the provincial capital.

Another source wishing not to be named said the Taliban treated some organizations unfairly in areas under their control. Organizations active in education sector are not allowed to function, he added.

“International organizations are told to contact the Taliban office in Doha. Personnel of Wadan, Acted, Children Support, Barg and Swedish Committee workers are humiliated and degraded,” according to the source.

Pajhwok Afghan News shared the matter with Swedish Committee but no response was received.

Fact Check:

Taliban Spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid said these reports were untrue.

Mehratbuddin, a resident of Nahrin district in Baghlan, said the Taliban had imposed no restrictions that women could not come out without a male family member.

Central Baghlan civil society activist, HamidaTaheri also said the city was open and people carried out normal chores and Taliban have not said anything as such to anyone.

She said the Taliban had so far imposed no such restrictions but women feared they would not be able to openly move like before.

But a Jawzjan local resident, Hamidullah said the rumors regarding restrictions on women and educational institutes were baseless.

“Yesterday there were rumors of Taliban stoning a woman to death and also that Taliban had banned selling of chicken meat in Jawzjan province; the reports are inaccurate because I have talked to people in every locality and Taliban have not imposed any restrictions on people,” he added.

He said that Taliban have only levied a tax of 20-30 Afghanis over each passenger vehicle.

Senator Gulalai Safi in a whatsapp group said that Taliban have imposed “Ushur” (Islamic Tax) in Balkh district but they have not imposed any restrictions on women.

Conclusion: Some sources say that Taliban do not allow women movement without their male family member and similarly that the Taliban have also shut some educational and training organizations but Taliban and some local residents deny the claim.

Verdict: Taliban imposing restrictions on women and some organizations is an unproven claim.

Ahmad Sohaib Hasrat

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