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Scientifically not proven Baldghora can treat coronavirus

KABUL (Pajhwok): Medical experts have rejected social media and some individuals’ claim that natural herbal Baldghora or Gulpar — Pashto and Dari names — could cure coronavirus.

According to experts, there is no academic or scientific evidence that Baldghora could treat the respiratory disease caused by coronavirus.

Baldghora is a plant grown abundantly in areas of high altitude such as Kohistan region of Afghanistan and it is commonly used in Greek medicine for the treatment of some diseases.


Abu ZarReshad on his twitter account wrote: “By drinking a glass of Baldghora tea I was able to defeat coronavirus.”Commenting on this post, a twitter activist FarkhundaRahman wrote: “I did not contract coronavirus, but my mother yesterday brought Baldghora as part pre-cautionary measure. I did not take it so far and I don’t know its taste.”

Ali SenaRastin, on his Facebook page wrote: “Fortunately our friend SadiqSerat who contracted coronavirus used Baldghora which proved to be effective for him.”

Another Facebook user named Farah Nas News shared a video titled ‘Drink Baldghora and don’t fear coronavirus. The post showed the manner how to prepare Baldghora for eating or drinking. Baldghora is a natural herbal that stands in front of coronavirus and brings it on its knees”, it said.

Ali YarKhawati, an Instegram user, in a post discussed the use of Baldghora and how it could treat coronavirus. “Baldghora could defeat coronavirus in two or three hours,” he said.

The treatment of Baldghora is not only discussed in social media but people have been discussing it in their inter-personal discussion.

Zahra Rezae, a resident of Dasht-e-Barchi locality, while purchasing Baldghora from a store, told Pajhwok Afghan News: “Baldghora helped our entire family recover from coronavirus. We were in deep trouble.”

Rezaee, who has a nine-member family, said: “In the first wave of coronavirus our entire family affected by the virus but after using Baldghora three times we recovered completely.”

She said some of her relatives also used this herbal and it was effective with positive outcome.

Sher Ahmad, another resident of Kabul, also termed the use of Baldghora as effective in treating coronavirus. He said: “In the second wave of coronavirus my father, mother and a sister contracted coronavirus and there were in terrible condition. My grandmother sent me to bazaar to bring Baldghora for 100 afs. I brought it and boiled it in hot water to prepare it for drinking.”

He said they used a cup of Baldghora mixed water once a day and after three days his family members completely recovered.

Maleem Ibrahim, a creek medicine expert in the Kololapushta area of Kabul, said majority of citizens during the first and second wave of coronavirus used Baldghora herbal besides other natural herbals to treat the deadly virus.

He said according to Greek medicine, Baldghora is anti-bacterial, anti-virus, improve digest system and impunity of body. It also used to enhance breast feeding and recover from spinal cord pain.

Fact Check:

According to health experts, the effectiveness of Baldghora to treat coronavirus is not academically and scientifically proven.

Former Afghan Japan Hospital Head HakeemullahSaleh said ome people living in far-flung areas might use the natural herbal for treatment but the effectiveness of Baldghora to cure coronavirus was not proven.

Dr. HashatullahFaizi, in charge of Afghan Japan Hospital ICU, said people may use this herbal, but it could not cure coronavirus.

He said so far there is no medicine except the coronavirus vaccine which also not 100pc effective to treat coronavirus.

Both medical experts appealed to the people to strictly adhere to health guidelines that included social distance, use of face mask, washing hands and use of anti-virus spray to restrict coronavirus.

Use of Baldghora herbal has no scientific or academic basis: Health Ministry

Dr. MirwaisAlizai, spokesperson for the Ministry of Public Health, said no medicine had been discovered to treat coronavirus so far.

Referring to the scientific proof of Baldghora in treating coronavirus, he said no academic research had been conducted by any health institutions to prove that Baldghora is effective against coronavirus thus the claim has no scientific or academic basis.

He also asked the masses to adhere to health guidelines that included social distance, use of face mask, washing hands and use of anti-virus spray to contain coronavirus.

Outcome: Medical experts have spurned claims that Baldghora is effective in treating coronavirus.

Verdict: Baldghoral herbal effectiveness in treating coronavirus in unproven claim


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