False - May 2, 2021

No reality in rumors regarding 40-day quarantine in country

KABUL (Pajhwok): Social media rumors regarding the imposition of a 40-day quarantine period in the country are false as the Ministry of Public Health says no such decision has been taken so far

Claim: A facebook page — Department of Kankor Examination Ministry of Higher Education — shared a topic titled ‘We don’t want quarantine.’

It says in the aftermath of growing coronavirus cases, the MoPH has announced a 40-day quarantine in the country.

A facebook user QaseerSeraj wrote: “The MoPH may announce a 40-day quarantine following the third wave of coronavirus. We don’t want quarantine, we don’t want online lessons, we are bored of being failed in subjects.”

MukhtarKalantari, another facebook user, wrote: “Following the third wave of coronavirus, major cities may be quarantined for the second time.”

Some other social media users in their Whatsapp groups have written that as a result of growing coronavirus cases, major cities may be closed.

ZyarmalWardak in his Whatsapp group wrote that Afghanistan may face 40-day quarantine in the aftermath of the third wave of coronavirus.

According to the MoPH figures on Monday, 210 positive coronavirus cases were registered in the country. This comes as last month on the same date 28 cases were registered.

Hakimullah also shared similar post in his whatsapp group.

A radio newscaster on Tuesday morning said quarantine is again expected in some cities in order to prevent the spread of the new variant of coronavirus.

The spread of quarantine rumor has created panic among people and students.

Sara Salehi, first year student of Kabul University literature faculty, said that there is rumor that from coming Saturday a 40-day quarantine will be imposed.

“I hope this rumor is false, we got nothing from online lessons last year, if there is again quarantine will be graduated illiterate,” she said.

ZakiaIbrahimi, a women affairs ministry employee, said that her colleagues talked about 40 days of quarantine but she did not know to what extent this will be right.

Fact Check:

The MoPH rejected rumors regarding the imposition of 40 days of quarantine in the country.

Health ministry’s spokesperson GhulamDastagirNazari told Pajhwok Afghan News no decision has been taken so far regarding quarantine in the country.

“Rumors published in the social media have no link with MoPH, not it is the ministry’s opinion.”

Outcome: News regarding imposing 40 days quarantine is false and baseless

Verdict: false


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