False - August 1, 2021

Reports on US forces return to Kandahar province are false

KABUL (Pajhwok): US has refuted reports that its military personnel have returned to southern Kandahar province after security situation worsened but renewed commitment to continue air support to Afghan forces.

Claim: US forces returned to Kandahar province

Verdict: incorrect that US forces have returned to Kandahar province

US forces have begun withdrawal process since May this year and will be completed in September. US forces pulled out of Kandahar Airport May 12th. The pull out process is being undertaken under the Doha Agreement between US and the Taliban.

But some social media activist have posted that US forces returned to Kandahar province.

Freelance Reporter Bilal Sarwari on his Facebook page wrote: “A small number of US forces have returned to Kandahar province.”

Shamshad Television citing unknown sources claimed that some US forces have returned to Kandahar province and took charge the airport air security.

Shamshad further said US forces have started attacking the Taliban and the US will control the security situation of Kandahar Airport for one week from Bagram province.

This comes that US forces on July 2, have vacated its military epicenter in Afghanistan which was Bagram Airbase.

Source told Shamshad Television that US forces will target the Taliban from its B-52 aircraft in case growing Taliban attacks.

Reports also available that US bombarded Taliban in Kandahar’s Spinboldak, Shah Walikot and Kandahar City four times.

Fact Check:

Afghan Security Forces Spokesperson Ajmal Shinwari while commenting on the US forces return to Kandahar and controlling of Kandahar Airport from Bagram said: “This is not true. Our proud Afghan forces had reached Kandahar province.”

A US source wishing not to be named rejected US forces return to Kandahar province. According to the sources US Forces Commander in Afghanistan Gen. Mckenzie had said that US will continue supporting Afghan forces.

Sadeqi Esa, spokesperson for 205 Atal Military Corps, said US forces have no physical presence in Kandahar but they provided air support to Afghan security forces.

He, however, did not have information regarding US forces controlling Kandahar Airport from air.

Outcome: Some sources have claimed the return of US forces back to Kandahar province while some claimed US forces controlled Kandahar airport from Bagram. Credible sources have denied this.

Verdict: incorrect that US forces returned to Kandahar province.


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