False - July 8, 2021

Fake heated tweets attributed to Khalilzad, Nabill

KABUL (Pajhwok): Some social media activist published fake screen shots of former National Directorate of Security (NDS) Head Rahmatullah Nabil’s and US Chief Negotiator Zalmay Khalilzad in which both criticised each other.

Claim: Ex-NDS Head Nabil and US Chief Negotiator Khalilzad blast one another on twitter regarding US, Taliban peace deal

Verdict: tweets in which Nabil and Khalilzad attacked one another are fake


From the past two days tweets are disseminating in the social media on the behalf of Ex-NDS Head Rahmatullah Nabil and US Chief Negotiator Zalmay Khalilzad.

From the past two days, WhatsApp groups have been circulating a text that reads: “After Nabil’s revelations and harsh stances against the Taliban and the Haqqani network on Twitter; Zalmai Khalilzad [US Special Representative for Afghanistan] has implicitly taken a stand in support of the Taliban against Rahmatullah Nabil, former Afghan National Security Chief, and called on the government to silence Nabil.

The tweets attributed to Khalilzad says: “Those opposed to peace start fires they hope spread quickly and smoulder indefinitely. I urge the Kabul Gov to take immediate actions against those who are spreading hatred against Taliban and peace process. US and Taliban are fully committed of co-investing in Afghan projects. Investment is only possible if the on-going peace deal is successful.”

Some social media users counterfeited the tweets and published them with Nabil and Khalilzad’s photographs apparently showing them as original.

A tweet associated to Nabil reads: “Those who are talking from the throat of Pak and TBN are addressing Afghan Govt as Kabul Govt. I will continue to disclose the dark side of US, TBN peace deal and the revelation of the true face of TBN. To my knowledge, so far the US –TBN peace deal is all about natural resources and mines of AFG. We will never ever let anyone to robe our natural resources. PLZ respect freedom of speech and value of democracy.”

Fact Check

Pajhwok Afghan News inspected Khalilzad and Nabil’s tweets but did not find these tweets. A close aide of Nabil told Pajhwok Afghan News the tweet associated to Nabil published from fake twitter account.

The tweet associated to Khalilzad was also not found, it is worth mentioning that Khalilzad original account has a blue tick mark while the tweet published from a fake account has no mark.

Outcome: Khalilzad and Nabil original tweets sans fake tweets disseminated in the social media in which the attacked on another when it comes to US, Taliban peace deal.

Verdict: Tweets are fake

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