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Adhere to Covid-19 precautions during Eid: Health experts

KABUL (Pajhwok): Health experts urge all citizens of the country to strictly follow health guidelines during Eid-ul-Fitr holidays and avoid unnecessary movements in order to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Muslims around the world, including Afghans, every year celebrate EidulFitr and EdulAdha and after the Eid prayers, they hug and greet each other.

In addition to wearing new cloths and preparing a variety of foods, the Muslims go to each other’s house and recreational areas and celebrate the festival.

Today (Wednesday) which is the last day of the Holy month of Ramadan, the Ministry of Public Health expressed its concern about the people’s inattention to the spread of Covid-19, saying the positivity rate of the virus has risen from four to 11 percent.

Health experts’ concern:

Dr.HashmatullahFaizi, ICU professional at the Afghan-Japan Hospital, expressed concern over the increase in Covid-19 cases in the country.

He said: “Our concern is that if the citizens ignore precautionary measures during Eid we will face a disaster.”

Referring to Eid-ul-Fit last year, the number of cases had risen last year due to inattention of the citizens.

Following the lack of public attention, the graph of positive cases was already increasing, and it was likely that the new cases and deaths would be doubled during the Eid holidays.

GhulamDistagirNazari, a spokesman for the Ministry of Public Health, called the lack of attention by citizens a matter of concern as EidulFitr was approaching.

“We had the most positive Covid-19 cases after last year’s Eid-ul-Fitr and the main reason was the movement of people during Eid days and many citizens lost their loved ones,” he added.

He said the number of positive incidences would increase after Eid as last year if unnecessary gatherings and meetings were not avoided.

“Effort must be made not to leave the house, however, if there is a need to go out, one must follow the health guidelines,” he explained.

According to him, wearing a mask, washing hands frequently, keeping distance and avoid attending gatherings are some of the most important health guidelines and need to be followed.

Nazari stressed over the use of mask and asked people to ensure social distance during Eid prayers. He said people should wear mask while praying and refrain from handshake and hugging.

He warned if people violated health measures a catastrophic situation may occur because last year coronavirus cases surged after Eid.

Nazari expressed concern over people reckless behavior and added in recent days the number of coronavirus patients had increased.

Nazari on May 5 during a press conference said their third wave of coronavirus had started in the country and the number of positive cases had increased from four to 11 percent.

According to official statistics from MoPH, nearly 63,000 people have been infected with coronavirus so far in the country in which 2,713 persons have died.

People’s opinions:

Rustum, a resident of capital Kabul, said he did not believe in coronavirus and added since the outbreak of this pandemic no member of their family had contracted the virus.

He added no member of their family, including him, adhered to health measures and still they did not contract the virus. “We are Muslims by the grace of Allah and this virus would not affect us,” he believed.

But Shabir Ahmad, a resident of Khairkhana locality of Kabul, said he would stay at home during Eid and if someone came to his home for Eid felicitation he had decided not to shake hand or hug because he had learned from last year Eid.

“Last year we did not take coronavirus serious, we visited family friends during three days of Eid but it proved disastrous for us. My mother contacted the virus and it proved fatal for her, she left us and submitted her soul to Allah.”

Fida Mohammad, a resident of Chahelston area of Kabul who came to the market for Eid shopping, said: “I always use mask and I encourage my family to wear mask and not go out without wearing mask.”

He said during Eid he may travel to meet her family friends but would strictly adhere to health measures.

According to reports over 153 million people contracted coronavirus worldwide out of which 3.2 million died while 130 million recovered.


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