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Drinking water no treatment for Covid-19: Experts

KABUL (Pajhwok): A number of social media users and the general public say that drinking two litres of water daily can treat Covid-19. But health experts reject the claim and say drinking water has not been scientifically proven to treat the virus.

The human body produces about 60 percent water and its cells, organs and tissues need water to control the temperature and perform other natural functions.


Mohammad Jawad Joya, a Facebook user, posted an article titled “Drink 2 litres of water for treating Covid-19.”

He wrote a cardiologist at Russia’s Ministry of Health had found that drinking water was fruitful in preventing the coronavirus infection, blood clots and heart attack.

A number of other Facebook users, in addition to liking the post, also shared it. They wrote they would certainly implement the recommendation after Ramadan.

Mujji, a Twitter user, also believed that drinking water could help prevent Covid-19. The only thing that controlled the virus was water, he insisted, asking people not to forget drinking it.

Reza Omaidwar Tajrshi, another Twitter user, wrote one of the best ways of treating the coronavirus was to drink plenty of fluids, especially water.

Besides social media users, a number of other people also believe that drinking water can be helpful in the treatment of Covid-19.

Karim, a resident of Kabul, said that drinking water was useful in treating the coronavirus. He claimed one of his family members had contracted the virus. But he recovered within a week by drinking water, Karim added.

Fact check:

Medical experts say that drinking water is not proven to be effective in the treatment of Covid-19.

Hashmatullah Faizi, ICU professional at the Afghan-Japan Hospital, said rumours were being spread about the Covid-19 treatment. Drinking water was one such rumour.

He said drinking water was effective for the body; but it was no cure for Covid-19 and not scientifically proven as such.

Hakimullah Saleh, former director of the Afghan-Japan Hospital, also rejected drinking two litres of water daily for the Covid-19 treatment as mere speculation. It was not scientifically proven to be effect in the treatment of the virus, he said.

Both medical experts advised people to wash their hands regularly, wear masks, sanitise living areas and follow social distancing to prevent coronavirus infection.

Dr. Mirwais Alizai, deputy spokesman for the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH), told Pajhwok the treatment of Covid-19 was clear and had a specific diet regime.

He called the drinking of water a rumour circulating on social media. He also confirmed that drinking two litres of water daily as treatment of the coronavirus had no scientific or medial basis and hence unacceptable.

Alizai asked people to follow health guidelines such as observing social distancing, wearing masks, washing hands and sanitising living areas.


A number of Facebook users recommend drinking two litres of water for the treatment of Covid-19. Health experts, however, say drinking water had not been a scientifically proven treatment of the virus.


Drinking two litres of water on a daily basis to treat the coronavirus has no scientific or medial basis.

Azizullah Hamdard

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