Facebook Hoaxes - April 27, 2021

Honey not scientifically proven to treat Covid-19: Experts

KABUL (Pajhwok): A number of social media users and people say consuming honey can treat Covid-19 while health experts reject it and say honey has not been scientifically proven to treat the virus.

Rumor: “Rural Honey Collection and Processing Center” which is a Facebook page advertizes that honey can improve a person’s immune system against Covid-19.

“As coronavirus is spreading fast, study has shown that honey is also very effective for treatment of the virus and can boost the immune system,” the page said.

Nazi, a twitter user, also in a tweet said, “The most effective way to treat Covid-19 and for killing the virus, just eat honey with tea for three days.”

Another Facebook page, ‘Health and Life’ published an article about diet during Covid-19 disease.

The page in the article says that the right diet and using proper food as well as consumption of honey were important for treatment of the virus.

Besides Facebook users, a number of Kabul residents also believe that honey can be helpful in treatment of Covid-19 and encourage others to use it.

Ahmad Nawab, a resident of KululaPushta area of Kabul whose family members consume honey most of the time, told Pajhwok Afghan News that a number of his relatives who were infected with Covid-19 had recovered after consuming honey.

Shabir Ahmad, a resident of KhairKhanan area of Kabul said that consuming honey was his family’s normal diet but they doubled eating honey during Covid-19 pandemic. He said that more honey was good for boosting a person’s immune system.

Fact checking:

Health experts say that honey is not proven to be effective in treatment of Covid-19.

HakimullahSaleh, former Afghan-Japan Hospital director, said that honey was a healing liquid based on the prophetic medicine, but not at the level to cure Covid-19. He said that honey was not scientifically proven to be effective in treatment of the virus.

On the other hand, HashmatullahFaizi, an ICU professional in Afghan-Japan Hospital said that honey was good for boosting immune system, but it was not a cure for Covid-19.

He said that there was no any treatment for Covid-19 and no medicine so far had been developed to cure the disease except vaccine.

Honey treating Covid-19 has no scientific basis: MoPH

Dr. MirwaisAlizai, deputy spokesman of the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) told Pajhwok that treatment of Covid-19 was clear and had a specific diet but no any institutes in the world had so far recommended honey for treatment of the virus.

He said no scientific studies had so far been done to prove the efficiency of honey in treatment of the virus.

He asked people to follow health guidelines such as observing social distance, using masks, washing hands and sanitizing the living area.

Outcome: A number of Facebook users recommend consumption of honey for treatment of Covid-19 and say health experts had proven effectiveness of the liquid.

Verdict: Honey treats Covid-19 is a claim that has not been proven.

Verdict: The claim that Shilajit can weaken the possibility of Covid-19 infection and restores the patient’s damaged health by the virus, has not been proven.

Azizullah Hamdard

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