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It’s true Danish lambasts HCNR peace plan

KABUL (Pajhwok): Reports that Second Vice President Sarwar Danish has termed the peace plan prepared by the High Council for National Reconciliation (HCNR) as an insult to the Presidential Palace proposal are true.

Danish on his facebook page termed the HCNR peace plan as weak and exclusive and said the government’s peace proposal was deliberately showcased as ambiguous.

The HCNR on its Facebook page wrote: “The committee tasked to unify different peace proposals has finalized the preamble of the Islamic Republic plan after deep consideration.”

According to sources, the preamble of the Islamic Republic Peace plan would be soon presented in the HCNR leadership meeting for approval.

The HCNR peace plan was prepared after much deliberation and consultation with emphasize on empowerment of the republic system, protection of citizen rights, human rights, freedom of expression, media freedom, elections, strengthening national institutions and ending ongoing conflict.

Some media outlets published reports about Second Vice President Sarwar Danish reaction following the HCNR finalized the preamble of peace plan.

Khamma Press reported: “Danish: HCNR peace plan is an insult to president peace proposal.”

The report said Danish, while reacting to the peace plan finalized by the HCNR and handed over to US Chief Negotiator Zalmay Khalilzad, on his facebook page wrote that this strategy reflected the views of a certain group and the president views had not been explained in this strategy.

Meanwhile, the Subh-e-Kabul Newspaper reported: “Sarwar Danish:  HCNR peace strategy has insulted the president peace proposal.”

Newspaper Etlaat Roz also published story under this headline: ‘HCNR peace plan is not inclusive and not worthy to be presented in Istanbul Conference’

Fact Check:

A Facebook page from the Second Vice President office also shared this critical note from the Etlaat newspaper on the HCNR peace plan, the note is attributed to Vice President Danish.

Danish wrote: “A plan unified and compiled by HCNR committee’s technical team on April 11 has many flaws. This demands that all stakeholders and honorable people of Afghanistan must share their views in this regard. Here I would like to share few points.”

Danish said this plan has disgraced the president’s and government peace proposal, caused an insult to the president and government peace proposal, no explanation has been provided instead and a very small picture is reflected from the president peace plan.

He added the government plan has been considered as “option A” and according to principles first option should be given priority while ‘option B’ which the transitional government plan required more explanation and considered a secondary option in all discussions.

He termed the HCNR strategy as one sided, adding that option A was neglected by the technical team of HCNR committee deliberately.

He alleged the HCNR committee had committed negligence and added the edited peace strategy offered by the US and did not add anything from their own mind.

He stressed the peace plan prepared by HCNR was not worthy to be presented in the Turkey Conference  or any other summit and demanded a new strategy to be prepared involving all stakeholders.

It is said that peace plan prepared by the HCNR talked about the structure of government in transitional period, stressed over parliamentary form of government in post-peace period and creation of executive post in addition to the prime minister post.

But vice president Danish in his critical note supported presidential system with four vice presidents — one woman— and termed it vital for political stability and social justice in Afghanistan.

Responding to Danish criticism, Atta Mohammad Noor, a member of the HCNR committee, said: “We did not take president and government peace plan lightly and public demand which peace is vital for us.”

Outcome: Copy of Second Vice President Sarwar Danish’s criticism of the HCNR peace plan is available on his facebook page in which he termed the plan an insult to the president and government peace proposal so media reports in this regard are true.

Verdict: Reports on Danish’s criticism of peace plan prepared by the HCNR is true.

Verdict: The claim that Shilajit can weaken the possibility of Covid-19 infection and restores the patient’s damaged health by the virus, has not been proven.

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