False - April 5, 2021

Date for Turkey summit not yet decided: Govt, Taliban

KABUL (Pajhwok): Turkey, the US and the United Nations have agreed to hold a summit in Istanbul on the Afghan peace on April 16 while the Taliban and the Afghan government say no decision in this regard has been taken so far.

The Turkey Summit on Afghan peace is expected in April. The UN-sponsored conference will be attended by representatives from countries in the region and cross-region regional countries, Afghan government and politicians and Taliban.

Claim: Turkey Summit being held on April 16.

According to a report by BBC quoting a reliable source, Turkey, the US and the UN have agreed to hold the Turkey Summit on the Afghan peace on April 16.

The BBC report did not name the source but said that the conference would continue for 10 days and efforts would be made so the Afghan government, Taliban and other Afghan political groups reach an agreement on the future of Afghanistan.

An Afghan news agency and 1TV also in a report quoting unnamed sources, said, “The Turkey Summit would possibly be held on April 16.” This report also said that the meeting would continue for 10 days.

Afghan government, Taliban do not confirm date for the summit:

NajiaAnwari, spokeswoman of the State Ministry in Peace Affairs, told Pajhwok Afghan News that discussions were underway about the agenda and date for Turkey Summit but nothing had been finalized so far.

“All these issues you mention are being discussed,” she said, adding that information about the date of the summit would be shared with the public once a final decision was made on the regard.

A Taliban spokesman, Dr. Mohammad Naeem, also said that no decision had so far made about the date of the summit.

The US, Turkey and the UN did not comment about the date for Turkey Summit so far.

Afghan National Security Advisor (NSA) HamdullahMohib also on Saturday said that agenda, participation of representatives and date for the summit had not been agreed as yet. He had said that the Afghan government was discussing issues related to the Turkey Summit with various sides.

Pajhwok also asked the Afghan negotiating team and High Council of National Reconciliation (HCNR) for their comment on Turkey Summit, but no one responded.

There were some reports earlier that the summit would be held on April 15, but some media outlets quoting Taliban sources said that the insurgent group opposed the date for the conference and recommended that the summit should be held after the month of Ramadan.

Conclusion: Some media outlets quoting unnamed sources report that the Turkey Summit on Afghan peace would be held on April 16, but Taliban and State Ministry in Peace Affairs did not confirm this.

Verdict: April 16 as he date for Turkey Summit is unconfirmed.

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