False - February 11, 2021

Ahmadi denies he was forced to return from Doha

KABUL (Pajhwok): Reports about forceful return of an Afghan government negotiating team member Mohammad Amin Ahmadi from Doha to Kabul on President Ashraf Ghani’s order are false.

Some media reports said Mohammad Amin Ahmad was forced to return to Kabul after his statement on the establishment of an interim government in the country.

Claim: Afghanistan peace negotiating team member Mohammad Amin Ahmadi forced to return to Kabul on leave.

According to a Kabul based newspaper, on the directives of President Ashraf Ghani, Afghan peace negotiating team member Mohammad Amin Ahmadi had been sent back home on force leave from Doha.

Another Kabul based newspaper and some social media activists made similar claims.

They claimed Ahmadi was sent back to Kabul from Doha because a few days earlier he talked about the establishment of an interim government in Afghanistan.

On January 25, Mohammad Amin’s clip circulated in the social media in which he talks about the possibility of interim government in Afghanistan.

He said: “International partners are not happy with President Ghani and an interim government is imminent. International support is conditional and whatever the international community demands that will happen and they want peace.”

He said a minus-Ghani setup would be formed and first efforts would be made to rescue the existing system, not the government, and the president would be made a scapegoat because he has no support from the international community.

Ahmadi is representing Mohammad KarimKhalili’sWahdatIslami political party. After his audio clip went viral he said: “Every individual is responsible for his personal views, nobody has the right to attack others’ privacy, record voice and release it in the social media.”

He said discussion on interim government was premature and against the interest of democracy. Those who support constitution in principle should not discuss the interim government.

Fact Check:

Mohammad Amin Ahmadi told Pajhwok Afghan News on Wednesday that nobody had forced him to return to Kabul, adding that it was his turn to go on leave so he returned to Kabul.

“The president is aware of my return, I had consulted him. Nobody told me that the president has summoned me and I totally reject that I was called back.”

NajiaAnwari, spokesperson for the State Ministry for Peace Affairs, rejected Ahmadi’s summoning and added the peace negotiating team members — MohammadAminAhmadi, HabibaSurabi, RasoulTalib and KaleemullahNaqibi —- had returned to Kabul on the basis of personal reasons and would return to Doha soon.

Outcome: Ahmadi and Peace Ministry reject the rumors that the president had summoned Ahmadi from Doha to Kabul after he expressed his views on the interim government in an audio clip.

Verdict: Reports about Ahamdi’s forced return are false

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