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‘Ahmadi’s audio clip on interim govt is his personal view’

KABUL (Pajhwok): Afghan government and the Taliban negotiating teams have denied any discussion on interim government and an audio clip of Afghan negotiating team member circulating in the social media in this regard has been dubbed as his personal view.

Afghan government negotiating team member Mohammad Amin Ahmadi after his audio clip on interim government leaked said whatever he said was his personal view and emphasized that discussion on the interim government septum was early and against the interest of democracy.

The Taliban Qatar Office Spokesperson Dr. Mohammad Naeem also denied any discussion on interim government and added it was not a suitable option to resolve the current conundrum.

Afghan government negotiating team in a statement said the view expressed by Mohammad Amin Ahmadi on interim government was his personal and never be reflected as an official position of Afghan government.

Claim: Afghan negotiating team member personal view on interim government perceived mostly debated issue in the ongoing peace process.

Verdict: incorrect, Ahmadi’s personal view doesn’t necessarily reflect government of negotiating team official stance.

Fact Check

Afghan negotiating team member Mohammad Amin Ahmadi’s audio clip is circulating in the social media in which he talked about interim government.

Ahmadi said: “International partners are not happy from President Ghani, interim government is imminent, international support is conditional and whatever international community demands that will happen and they want peace.”

He said that a minus-Ghani setup would be formed, first, efforts would be made to rescue the existing system not the government, the president would be made a scapegoat for the existing system because he has no support from the international community.

Mohammad Amin Ahmadi’s view

Afghan government negotiator did not reject the audio clip, but he said it was his personal view in a private meeting. He condemned leaking his audio clip and added social media is being used for immoral purposes.

“Every individual is responsible for his personal views in his personal atmosphere, nobody has the right to attack other privacy, record voice clip and release it in the social media.”

He said discussion on interim government was premature and against the interest of democracy. Those who support constitution in principle should not discuss the interim government.

He added: “We can bring peace at the cost of our unity, by protecting the democratic system and peaceful change in the government we can bring peace and end war but it is necessary and war should end honestly and sincerely. War is not tool to bring change and reform but it something unlawful.”

He said until unless there is war and conflict change in the government would remain a dream. Efforts should not be made to support anti-democracy elements.

Afghan negotiating team view:

Afghan negotiating team in a statement said an audio clip associated to one of Afghan negotiators is circulating in the social media. The clip has not been confirmed by its owner which is his personal view.

The team stressed that talks were being held to ensure protection and values of existing system which is defined by respect to the principles of democracy and voter rights in politics.

The statement also termed all efforts and process against durable peace and stability in the county that hamper the ongoing peace process

Faridon Khwason, spokesperson for the High Council for National Reconciliation (HCNR) on his Facebook page reacted to Ahmadi’s response on the leaking of his audio clip and said ‘Unethical and false use of virtual space’.

Government position: Although, Afghan government has not yet official responded to Amin Ahmadi’s audio clip but Assistant Presidential Spokesperson Dawa Khan Menapal told Pajhwok Afghan News that interim government was against the constitution and unacceptable to the people of Afghanistan.

Earlier, President Ashraf Ghani in a public gathering in Nangarhar said that he would transfer power to an elected person.

Outcome: Afghan negotiator Amin Ahmadi in his official facebook page rejected discussion on interim government and termed it as a premature debate. In addition, the HCNR and Afghan negotiating team rejected discussion on interim government and termed the audio clip Ahmadi’s personal view.

Verdict: The claim of discussion on interim government is incorrect.

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