False - December 24, 2020

Taliban reject as fake papers directing attacks on US troops

KABUL (Pajhwok): The Taliban have rejected as fake some leaflets in which the insurgents are directed to attack US and other foreign troops.

Pajhwok Afghan News have obtained some papers and audio clips in which Taliban fighters in Farah and Kandahar provinces are ordered to launch attacks against foreigners because they target the militants in airstrikes.

A paper with Taliban’s logo and titled with the group’s military commission in Farah province, says, “Salam to all Mujahideen: all Mujahideen should target Americans with any equipment they have, you are fully permitted to do so.”

Another similar letter reads, “An announcement for all Mujahideen of Farah province! All Mujahideen should target foreign troops based on their abilities, it is an order from the leadership.”

The last letter is signed by Mualvi Abdul Samad and two other individuals.

In an audio clip attributed to the Taliban, a person tells the group fighters that the US forces have bombarded them in Kandahar and they should also attack the US forces in response.

This comes as US forces airstrikes against Taliban have recently increased in Farah, Helmand and Kandahar provinces and the insurgents have suffered huge casualties.

The US forces say the airstrikes were consistent with the Doha agreement and were carried out in defense of Afghan forces.

However, Taliban in response said the strikes were in a direct violation of Doha agreement and were carried out in non-combat areas. The group says besides the rebels, civilians also suffered casualties in the bombardments.

Based on US-Taliban agreement signed in February, the US forces should withdraw following a schedule and Taliban should stop attacks on the US forces.

The accord says US forces should also stop attacks on the Taliban but defend Afghan forces when needed.

Social media

Mursal Nizami, a twitter account with a female profile picture, in a tweet said, “Prolonged war and violence, and Taliban’s warning night letters in Tagab district of Kapisa province prompted dozens of people to leave their houses and displace to other provinces.”

The tweet said the war was the cause of displacement for thousands of Afghans.

Taliban’s statements:

A Taliban spokesman, Zabihullah Mujahid, said that all the papers and audio clips attributed to them were fake. “Our statements are published from our official sources,” he said.

Pajhwok Afghan News tried to also have comments from the US forces, but failed.

Earlier, a BBC report quoted two Taliban sources as saying that the group would launch attacks against US forces if they did not withdraw from Afghanistan as schedules.


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