Rahmani’s greeting message to Abdullah turns out fake
False - September 29, 2019

Rahmani’s greeting message to Abdullah turns out fake

KABUL (Pajhwok): A Facebook page in the name of Alhaj Mir Rahman Rahmani, the Wolesi Jirga speaker, congratulates Dr. Abdullah Abdullah over his victory in Saturday’s presidential election, but the Facebook page is fake and doesn’t belong to Rahmani, Pajhwok has learnt.

 The presidential election was held on Saturday across the country and its result is yet to be announced. Dr. Abdullah was also in the race among 13 other presidential candidates.

Wrong information:

The Facebook page writes: “I congratulate in advance the great victory of the Mujahideen, people and respected Dr. Abdullah Abdulla in presidential election. You the heroic nation proved with great difficulty and nothing could stop you in choosing the future servant of your country. Long live respected and proud people.”

The post has been liked more than 3,000 times, 962 people also commented on the post and shared 462 times with others.

The post has been shared by Zabihullah Panjsheri, Najibullah Najeeb and Hamyan-i-WahdaWahdat (supporters of Abdullah) and by 409 others in Facebook.

Correct information:

A source close to Mir Rahman Rahmani, speaker of Wolesi Jirga, wishing anonymity, told Pajhwok Afghan News said the Facebook page created in the name of Rahmani was fake and did not belong to the speaker.

He said the result was yet to be announced and predicting any candidate’s victory was ahead of time.

He added: “Rahmani’s name is abused in social media and the speaker will share a message about the issue from his real and official page in the earliest possible.”

Several social media pages have been created in the name of Wolesi Jirga speaker and the issue has been shared with the Minister of Telecommunication and Information and Technology (MoTIT), he informed.

Result of fact check:

Pajhwok Afghan News assesses rumors circulated about presidential candidates and explains how much they are real or in what category, (correct, less correct, half correct, little incorrect and incorrect), they are placed.

Pajhwok assessment shows that the Facebook post in the name of Rahmani is fake.

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