Ex Indian FM comments on Ghani, Abdullah baseless, untrue
False - September 11, 2019

Ex Indian MEA comments on Ghani, Abdullah baseless, untrue

KABUL (Pajhwok): Information regarding presidential candidates Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah referred to former Indian Minister of external affair Sushma Swaraj’s book are fake and baseless, Pajhwok Afghan News has learned.

According to rumors in social media regarding President Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah former Indian External Affairs Minister written something about Ghani and Abdullah in her book, but Pajhwok’s finding showed Suraj’s did not written any book recently and never expressed views regarding Abdullah and Ghani.

Wrong Information:

Initially, President Ashraf Ghan’’s supporters leveled allegations on Abdullah and claimed that it has been written in Sushma Swaraj’s new book.

But after few days Abdullah supporters also showed reaction and responded to allegations.

Sahibzada, a social media activist, on his facebook page written that Sushma Swaraj in her new book “Afghanistan in the flames of Pakistna’s religious battle” wrote that Chief Executive Officer Abdullah during a meeting in Kabul made some demands.

He quoted Surajh’s book: “Dr. Abdullah asked me to shift the Khost Airport project to Northern provinces.”

Sahibzada said that Abdullah made some other demands in which a specific nation was disgraced.

In the end of the post it is said “Famous Indian news writer Sawanth Achariy translated article from English language.”

This topic has been circulated in hundreds of social media handlers and different people made different comments, some has insulted Dr. Abdullah.

د صاحبزاده په نوم يوه کس په خپل فېسبوک پاڼه کې ليکلي چې د هند د بهرنيو چارو پخوانۍ وزيرې سوشما سوراج د خپلو يادښتونو کتاب (افغانستان د پاکستان د مذهبي جنګ په لمبو کې) په ۱۸۲ مخ کې ليکلي چې د حکومت اجرائيه رييس ډاکتر عبدالله په کابل کې د ليدنې پر مهال له دې ځينې غوښتنې کړې وې.

Babarak Umar, a social media activist who don’t make posts in support of Dr. Abdullah, said:

“Former Indian External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj in 155th page of her book wrote: “Ashraf Ghani has destroyed Afghanistan to the extent which will never be reconstructed in 100 years. Ghani is clever and can do everything for power.”

Many people have demanded in comments for the pdf version of the book and other related questions but nothing is answered.

دغه راز د ببرک عمر په نوم يوه بل کس چې په فېسبوک کې د ډاکتر عبدالله په پلوۍ پوسټونه کوي، هم دا ډول يوه ليکنه کړې ده.

Correct Information:

Pajhwok Afghan News through its evaluation and search has found that former Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj did not write any book on this name. she was died at the age of 67. She only wrote one book “Great Women of INDIA”.

Renowned Indian Journalist Sidhant sibal currently working with WION TV said that Swaraj has no book called “Afghanistan in the flames of Pakistna’s religious battle”.

Faridon Khwazon, spokesman for Abdullah’s Stability and Partnership team, said they believed on constructive rivalry in which personality is respected while actions are subject to criticism and its everyone’s right.

“Everyone hast the right to question their future programs and plans but leveling allegations, disrespect and rumors has no place and against morality.”

He rejected allegations leveled against Abdullah from former Indian foreign minister’s book and said these are baseless.

“We hope that all election teams respect values of election rivalry and moral standards.”

He added the Stability and Partnership team has ensured its victory through public support and its rivals leveled baseless accusations and spread propaganda to mislead public minds which according to him was impossible.

Javid Ghafoor, spokesman of the State Maker team, said he has no information regarding the book and never paid attention to facebook related rumors.

“Our candidate has practical progammes and move forward according to plane which he proved in the past five years,” he said.

Political Affairs Expert Numan Dost, said fraud and duplication was an immoral act morally and from the point of view of journalism.

He said fraud kills public trust, remove reality and fraud people see other people as stupid and ridiculous so this is wrong and hated act from every point of view.

Dost asked judicial organs to investigate these cases of fraud and punish individuals behind such incidents.

Outcome of reality check

Pajhwok Afghan News investigates reality under a new framework that include correct, wrong, half correct, half incorrect, some correct and some incorrect categories. This story falls under incorrect category.

Report: Javed Hamim Kakar

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