‘IEC members agree on election result announcement’
True - December 12, 2019

‘IEC members agree on election result announcement’

KABUL (Pajhwok): Independent Election Commission (IEC) members on Thursday agreed over a resolution to announce the preliminary result of presidential election, but the resolution is yet to be signed by the Commissioners, a source said.

The IEC official, who declined to be identified, told Pajhwok Afghan News the IEC members agreed on decision No. 115 in resolution after protracted discussions on Wednesday evening.

However, the resolution No. 115 includes seven cases on which the IEC members agreed, but they did not signed on related documents, the official said.

The source said the items in the resolution No. 115 would be shared with public simultaneously with announcement of the preliminary election result.

IEC members on Monday during a meeting said that the audit and recount process of votes in 27 provinces has been completed and the data of polling stations of seven other provinces which required votes audit and recount had been entered into the system.

The IEC source said votes of 191 polling stations out of 1,379 polling stations belonged to seven provinces that needed audit and recount would be invalidated.

The source said votes of 450 polling stations out of 1,379 polling stations had been referred by the Independent Electoral Complaints Commission (IECC) to the IEC for recount and audit in which the IECC recommendations had been implemented on 71 of 450 polling stations.

The IEC members have now decided to announce results of 27 provinces and the results of polling stations which did not require audit and recount in the seven other provinces. About the 1,379 polling stations in seven provinces, the Commission decided to depend on the Election Day results obtained from these polling stations in the announcement of preliminary election result.

Anyone who opposed the preliminary election result, particularly the result of 1,379 polling stations the recount and audit of which were blocked by the Stability and Partnership team in seven provinces, should lodge their complaints according to the law, so they would be addressed by the relevant body.

According to the election schedule, presidential candidates can lodge complaints within 48 hours after the announcement of election result. The IECC would decide on the complaints within 15 days of their registration.

Earlier the IEC Commissioners agreed and signed decision No. 114 which is about the results audit and recount around 7,000 polling stations in 27 provinces.

The IEC in this decision termed the votes of 4,320 polling stations as transparent and agreed to include these votes in the system.

IEC media office refused to comment in this regard, but the commission’s acting spokesman, Zabihullah Sadat said that the recount and audit result forms from 27 provinces reached to the secretariat of the commission and were currently under review for some issues.

This comes as some sources in the IEC told some media outlets that the preliminary results of the election would be announced later today, Thursday.

Presidential election was held on September 28. Earlier the IEC had given October 19 the date for announcement of preliminary result while November 7 for announcement of final result of the presidential election.

But due to some technical issues and problems during separation of clean and fraudulent votes, the IEC could not announce the result on its due date.

On October 27, the IEC said that primary result of the presidential election would be announced on November 14, but the commission again delayed it for an indefinite time.

The IEC has audited and recounted votes of a number of polling stations belonged to 27 out of total 34 provinces of the country. However, a number of presidential tickets including Stability and Partnership led by Dr. Abdullah Abdullah boycotted the process.

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