Kunduz police deny opening fire at protestors
False - November 18, 2019

Kunduz police deny opening fire at protestors

KUNDUZ CITY (Pajhwok): A man killed near the Independent Election Commission (IEC) office in northern Kunduz province was not an observer of the ‘Stability and Partnership’ electoral team, Pajhwok has learnt.

The IEC on Saturday resumed the vote recount and audit process in 28 provinces, drawing opposition from the ‘Stability and Partnership’ electoral team led by Dr. Abdullah.

Nooruddin Fitrat, IEC head for Kunduz, told Pajhwok that presidential candidate Abdullah Abdullah’s team members forced their way into the commission office, breaking chairs and beating staff.

Later some videos published in social media show police spraying water on protestors and firing into the air in front of the Kunduz IEC office.

Wrong Information:  

 ‘Stability and Partnership’ head Dr. Abdullah Abdullah claimed during a press conference in Kabul that police opened firing on his supporters and killed one of his observers in Kunduz on Sunday.

He said anyone who ordered the firing at protestors should be held responsible, saying involving security forces in the election process was against the constitution and was a national treason.

Meanwhile, former president Hamid Karzai condemned the incident in Kunduz and said police were used for political benefit as they opened firing on protestors in Kunduz\.

Karzai in a statement said security forces should not be used for political purposes and threatening the freedom of expression.

But Nasrat Rahimi, Ministry of Interior spokesman, said police did not open firing at protestors and no one had been killed in Kunduz.

Correct information:

On the other hand, some security officials told Pajhwok that Taliban militants fired mortars at the Kunduz IEC office, killing a man and injuring some others.

A Pajhwok reporter visited the area and talked with different sources to establish fact. Kunduz police chief Brig. Gen. Rashid Bashir rejected police opened firing at protestors on Sunday.

He accused Taliban militants of firing seven mortar shells towards the IEC office, in which one civilian was killed and five others wounded.

He said no observer of any election teams had been killed or wounded, but a civilian was killed and five others wounded in mortar shelling by Taliban militants.

Mohammad Naeem, a resident near the IEC office in Kunduz City, told Pajhwok that a mortar shell landed near their home, killing his neighbor Manaf’s son Khalid. Five other people were wounded.

He said Khalid and his family had no link with any electoral teams. He said Khalid did not take part in yesterday’s protest but he was crossing the street when the incident happened.

Another resident of the area, Akmal Rahmani, said a number of civilians suffered causalities when some mortar shells landed at their street on Sunday.

He said as a result of the mortar fire, 15-year old Khalid was killed and today (Monday) was his funeral. He urged the government to move away government institutions from their area.

Manaf, Khalid’s father, told Pajhwok he was busy in his son’s funeral ceremony and could not talk in this regard.

On the other hand, Public Hospital Director Ihsan Fazali said mortar shells landed around IEC office on Sunday.

He confirmed receiving one dead body and seven wounded people from the incident site.

Fact Check:

Pajhwok Afghan News critically evaluates speculative posts on social media about presidential runners, explains their factual health and place them in different categories – true, not-so-true, half-true, little true and untrue.

Pajhwok’s findings show that based on the above sources, reports regarding the killing of an observer of the ‘Stability and Partnership’ electoral team are baseless and untrue.

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