Fake Abdullah’s office revocation order in circulation again
False - October 1, 2019

Fake Abdullah’s office revocation order in circulation again

KABUL (Pajhwok): A fake presidential order revoking the Chief Executive Office with fake and old Pajhwok Afghan News Logo to secure public trust has been once again circulated in the media.

Fake Abdullah’s office revocation order in circulation again

Russian Sputnik media outlet coming under social media influence published the story on its website on Tuesday but soon removed the post.

د اجرائيه رياست لغوه کېدو په اړه د ولسمشر جعلي فرمان بيا لاندې باندې کېږي

This fake order was previously circulated in the social media in April this year by hundreds of people. Pajhwok, Chief Executive Office and Presidential Palace than issued clarifications.

Pajhwok then said: “Pajhwok Afghan News did not receive any order from the Presidential Palace regarding the revocation of Chief Executive Office, neither it published any such report with its official logo. Pajhwok has official website, facebook page and twitter account and claims responsibility for all materials published from its official handlers and does not hold responsibility for fake accounts.”

د اجرائيه رياست لغوه کېدو په اړه د ولسمشر جعلي فرمان بيا لاندې باندې کېږي

Faridon Khwazon, deputy head of the Chief Executive Office, thanked Pajhwok Afghan News through a video message regarding the rejection of the fake orders in time.

Another fake presidential order is circulating in the media regarding the revocation of Abdullah’s office after the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) recently announced his victory in the presidential election at a press conference.

Due to lack of attention, the second fake revocation order maintains the old date referred to April.

This letter is circulating in the media, social media accounts and many journalists and social media users have asked Pajhwok Afghan News for a clarification.

Pajhwok Afghan News chief editor Danish Karokhel said: “When we get some documents, we make it sure that they are authentic and approved from sources and then published it from our media accounts with or without log and claim responsibility for it.”

He, however, said Pajhwok never claimed responsibility for items published from fake accounts under its name.

Rohaullah Anwari, Azadi Radio reporter in Kunar, published this old fake presidential order on his account but did not comment about it.

In comments, some individuals term it a good step and some wrote that this order is fake.

Ewaz Khan Lamar also issued the fake presidential order and thanked President Ashraf Ghani for revocation of Chief Executive Office.

Faridon Khwazon, spokesman for Stability and Partnership Team, said that Chief Executive Office came into power in 2014 through a political agreement.  He said the CEO will discharge his duties until the new government takes over.

Javid Ghafoor, spokesman for State Builder Team, said they did not believe in fraud and duplicity, adding that President Ashraf Ghani respected the law and would never do anything violating law.

Shafiq Hamdard, political affairs activist, said publication of fake documents, propaganda and orders was common trend in most countries during elections.

He said the Chief Executive Office had been created through a presidential order illegally and another presidential order could revoke it.  He said in line with this procedure, social media users often issued fake orders regarding the revocation of CEO.

He alleged State Builder Team might have sensibly done this after Abdullah announced his victory in the polls to show him that he came through an order and will go through an order.

Javed Hamim Kakar

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